Terms of service

Purchasing terms on Anglershop.ee online store

Angler OÜ:
Address: Nurmiku tee 15, 12013 Tallinn, Estonia
Reg.nr. 16920352
IBAN: 202200221085946638 Swedbank

1. Range of terms and validity

1.1. Terms of juridical relations are applied between all persons and online store anglershop.ee in purchasing products.

1.2. As well as hetero terms all purchasing juridical part will be regulated by legislations of Republic of Estonia.

1.3. Angler OÜ is justified to change and follow up terms and prices for better and secure operation in Anglershop.ee online store.

1.4. Product sales contract will be conclude when payment for purchase arrives at Angler OÜ account.

2. Responsibility and Force Majeure

2.1 Angler OÜ responsible at clients and vice versa. If one party will violate the terms and it bring damages and dispensable costs to another party, all costs will bear in enact in all instances by laws of Republic of Estonia.

2.2. Angler OÜ don`t take responsibility of damaging goods or delivery delay`s if damages or delay`s are not predictable and made by Force Majeure.

3. Other terms

3.1. All personal contacts of clients in Anglershop.ee online-store are confidential. Crypt data communication channel secure that clients personal data and bank operations are guarded. Even Angler OÜ don`t have access to this information.

3.2. In other terms which are not set forth in this document will settle by laws of Republic of Estonia.

3.3. All disputes between clients and Angler OÜ by ordering and purchasing from Anglershop.ee online store will be resolved by negotiations. If compromise will not be achieved client has all rights to turn for protection he`s rights to Consumer Protection Board or to court. All arguments will be resolved by emanate from laws of Republic of Estonia.

3.4. All items in Anglershop.ee online-store are not for resale to other legal persons. Orders for resale will be cancelled.

3.5. Resold items for other legal persons don`t have Anglershop.ee online-store guarantee.

4. Personal data

4.1. Angler OÜ collects and applies next personal data:

How the customer uses the Anglershop.ee website
Operations in which the customer takes part on Anglershop.ee website
Information provided by the customer while enrolling the Anglershop.ee website

4.2. Angler OÜ may use the customers’ personal data for next purposes:

To support the activities on website
To get abstracts about the services the Angler OÜ has provided to the customers and for compiling the out going invoices
Accounting and settlement

4.3. If necessary Angler OÜ provides your personal data to its agents or other intermediaries (e.g. courier deliveries etc.), which is required for lawfully use that personal data in accordance with this confidential agreement. In addition the personal data may be also disclosed by Angler OÜ to the relevant authorities working under the current legislation judicial or other proceedings as well as to protect the constitutional rights of Angler OÜ.

5. Data security

5.1. Angler OÜ will endeavor to implement all possible technical and organizational measures to avoid the loss, misuse or modification of your personal data.

5.2. The card information is provided through SSL, MasterCard SecureCode and Verified Visa encrypted data exchange. The merchant can not see the clients’ card data. Card transaction will be redirected to the Montonio Finance UAB secure environment (currently located in the server database and payment information is also stored on servers Montonio Finance UAB).

6. How to buy

6.1. Registration. It is quick, easy and secure to purchase in Anglershop.ee net shop. Purchases can be made in two ways - by registering yourself to become our loyal customer and without registration. However being the loyal customer got several benefits:

It enables you to watch your order history and status
If you will start the new purchasing process the fulfilling the order form won’t be necessary any more.

6.2. Each product has a button "ADD TO CART". By clicking the button you will create a personal cart and add the choose product to your cart. To check choose products press “VIEW CART”. All the goods in your shopping cart are available to all other customers until you finish the purchasing process.

If all the required products are selected and lay in your cart you can start the forming of order.

6.3. Before going to the affirmation please check your shopping cart – does it content all the desired goods in needed quantities. You can change the quantities by scrolling the quantity list. To remove the product from the cart you have to push the red button located behind the product. If your basket does not yet content all the needed products you must go back to the store to complete the purchasing process.

7. Payment

7.1. Bank. Select a Bank from among offered below (Swedbank, SEB, Danske Bank). Sign in with your chosen username and password to your online bank which has been forwarded to you by your bank - these are usual online banking routine operations. Signing up is secure and private as between the bank and store the data is transmitted in an encrypted form and can not been seen or followed by anyone including the Netstore keeper. After completing the payment through Internet banks please do not close the browser window, but be sure to press the button "Back to the merchant", which guides you back to the Anglershop.ee store. You will see a confirmation of your payment if the transmission was successful. Also the confirmation will be sent on your e-mail.

7.2. Credit card. After an order has been placed, the client is automatically directed to the payment page of E-Commerce Payment Gateway interface, where he shall insert his card data. E-Commerce Payment Gateway interface authorizes the transaction at the bank through Montonio Finance UAB. After entering the card number, security code and expiry date, the payment is authorized by the client`s bank. When the system requests the card data, the SSL, MasterCard Secure Code, Verified by Visa will be used, ensuring that the exchanged information cannot be copied or altered by unauthorized persons.

7.3. PayPal. Those who want to pay by debit or credit card the PayPal international money transfer option is also available. The PayPal offers a secure, fast, affordable and convenient online payment service for not limited sum amount. PayPal payment can be used as credit card owns and debit card owners. The execution of the transfer takes few minutes. More info about PayPal payment options is available on official PayPal site